Fidel Was Worse Than Hitler – as anyone but the lefty media knows

Hitler was, without doubt, an utterly evil man who sought to eliminate the entire Jewish race, plus assorted other minorities.  He was also, unfortunately, charismatic and so an otherwise highly educated nation followed him to their doom.

Fidel was worse.

Fidel wanted to destroy the world in October 1962.  How do I know that? Because of a letter from Khrushchev to him on 30th October 1962 after the missile crisis had abated.  It says:

“…In your cable of October 27 you proposed that we be the first to carry out a nuclear strike against the enemy’s territory. Naturally you understand where that would lead us. It would not be a simple strike, but the start of a thermonuclear world war.”

Yup, Castro urged Khrushchev to launch what could only have led to Armageddon.  Don’t believe me?  Click this link.  Fidel was a maniac.

And yet in the BBC homage to this “sixties icon” no mention – even though the letter has been in the public domain for years. Instead of any consideration of his mental state, or his ruthlessness we got Oliver Stone telling us how much fun he had filming him.  Much was made of Cuban healthcare (all paid for by Soviet Union as Cuba was an economic basket case) and what a liberal wonder he was for legalising homosexuality in the 1970s.

No one asked why 15% of the entire population of Cuba fled the island.  Well, rather more than that actually left, as many died in the attempt to get to Miami.  How many? No one knows.  A clip of Nelson Mandela speaking with delectable ambiguity saying “…it is hard to say how much Cuba helped our struggle” was interpreted to mean that Fidel’s support of the 15-year war he sponsored in Angola was instrumental in toppling Apartheid.  That’s not the recollection of the South African army officers that I have met. A lot of people got killed though – including the Cuban commander, whom Fidel executed as he had become a potential rival.

It would be funny were it not so serious; the left is seeking to rewrite history (again) and, in the UK at least, some of them are viewed as potential government – albeit possibly en-route to a career as a spectacularly bad TV dancer.  As George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth knew, “he who controls the past controls the future.” (Orwell worked for the BBC, by the way).

But the truth is clear, stark and simple.  Fidel was a lunatic who wanted to start a thermonuclear war – and got bloody close to doing so – knowing that would cause some 1 billion deaths.  He makes Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all the other homicidal socialist despots – even Pol Pot- look like a boy scout.

Socialism is evil and those who venerate or admire Fidel are as evil as neo-nazis.

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