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NHS – Leading the world in insulting consumers

My GP’s noticeboard prominently displays a notice stating “This Organisation will not tolerate assault, abuse or threatening behaviour towards our staff.” You have probably seen similar notices.  What utter bilge, what an unwarranted attack on British decency.  What a stupid basis for a relationship with a consumer. And what a waste of paper.

For a start, any assault, abuse and threatening behaviour are, to a greater or lesser extent, criminal acts and so no organisation could lawfully tolerate them.  Secondly, the overwhelming majority of British people would never dream of assaulting, abusing or threatening anyone (except perhaps politicians).  To suggest that they need reminding of this is mildly insulting.  Thirdly, those who are so aggravated, inebriated or uncivilised as to be contemplating assault etc. are unlikely to either read the notice, or pay it any heed.

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