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Guess What – I’m becoming a Corbyn fan!

Why is the media so surprised that a lifelong CND member and campaigner against nuclear weapons said that he would not push the nuclear button? To have said anything else would have indicated that he was prepared to trade those principles for power (in any case that a willingness to use a nuclear weapon is a constitutional or statutory requirement for being a prime minister). As opposed to the predictable headlines about a (hypothetical) prime minister in a (hypothetical and unprecedented) position, the newspapers could have run with “man of principle running political party.” That would actually have had an effect and been of interest. The bland, dope smoking pig fanciers would have suffered from the comparison. Of course the other beneficiary would have been Nigel Farage whose one principle, get out of Europe, is equally clear and consistent, albeit a bit compromised by his being an MEP. Continue reading Guess What – I’m becoming a Corbyn fan!