About Me

Born 1963, which now seems a long time ago. Educated at Winchester College and UCL, where I studied mechanical engineering. 12 years as an Army Officer and decades in commerce, at CEO level for the past 20 years.

I am now building a consulting practice based on my business experience and mediation skills.

When not working I can often be found in a glider.

I am here to help. For a confidential, no-obligation discussion get in touch here.

Having spent many decades in commerce, most of the time as CEO or trusted advisor, I have amassed a wealth of experience and contacts.

I am also a qualified civil and commercial mediator.

Detail of my career is on LinkedIn here. I am old school enough for this profile to be complete and honest.

I am highly numerate, understand science, technology and engineering as well as accounting and finance. I pick things up quickly.

I am here to help. For a confidential, no-obligation discussion get in touch here.

Business Advice

I have been through all business stages from start up, through expansion to turn around, disposal and winding up.

I understand the pressures on owner managers because, unlike many advisors, I have been there myself.

I have direct experience in corporate finance, manufacturing, defence, software, green energy and property management. My clients have come from a wide range, including bio-techs, media, IT, construction, manufacturing, distribution, property and agriculture to name a few.

Engagements have included advice on restructuring, crisis management, fund raising, expansion, acquisitions and disposals.

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Mediation is a process of resolving disputes without going to court. It is far quicker, cheaper and more likely to produce a satisfactory result. It is low risk as the process is entirely voluntary.

Mediation can be run over the internet via Zoom or equivalent conferencing systems, so is immune to Covid restrictions. The Zoom meetings have some advantages over face to face, not least cost and travel.

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